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The Technologies



Freight Shuttle transporters are driverless electric vehicles engineered to operate as independent units. They are powered by linear induction motors with steel-wheel technology that reduces friction and results in the exceptionally efficient use of electric power. The system can draw from any available source of energy including solar, and wind. Transporters are designed to easily accommodate either containers or semi-trailers which are loaded quickly, depart immediately, travel to their destination on elevated guideways at 60 MPH, and arrive as scheduled every time. Freight Shuttle transporters will optimize cargo movement efficiency 24 hours a day.



Transporters will travel along guideways built in the medians of existing highways and other rights-of-way. Dual tracks allow continuous operation in two directions. There are no delays due to surface traffic congestion because the entire system is elevated with no at-grade crossings. The elevated design also means operation will be extremely safe because passenger traffic and pedestrians never interact with the system.

State-of-the-art, overhead construction techniques ensure that no roads will be closed and no drivers inconvenienced while the guideway is being erected. Precast sections and components greatly reduce construction time. The guideways are designed to be aesthetically appealing, with a slender superstructure that creates minimum impact on the surrounding environment.



A series of terminals create entry and exit points along the guideways. Terminals are designed for maximum efficiency, reducing time delays in loading and unloading containers and trailers. Pickup and delivery times are predictable so truckers can be more cost-effective. Terminals are designed to be modular, so lanes and capacity can be easily added as demand increases.

The system includes specialized terminals in select locations, such as ports and borders, where cargo can be scanned for security without disrupting the movement of freight. This concept allows for 100 percent screening of truck trailers and containers as opposed to the minimal security scanning in use today.



The Freight Shuttle Xpress system is designed to operate smoothly and efficiently. An automated, dedicated, closed-loop system with custom-designed terminals and reliable scheduling will result in congestion-free operation, unlike the current uncontrollable highway system. GPS and wireless communications in conjunction with a fiber-optic backbone will provide a constant flow of information on status, position and operating conditions, enabling exceptional command and control of the entire system for maximum safety and efficiency.

The system will seamlessly accommodate containers and drive-on truck trailers in one continuous operation. An extremely efficient use of electricity to power vehicles on a frictionless path enables system operation at a fraction of the cost required to move goods by truck on highways. Efficiency also includes system capacity. A single Freight Shuttle system could operate up to 8,640 transporter trips daily in each direction, with 10-second intervals between transporters.

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