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Executive Team

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Stephen S. Roop, Ph.D.


Dr. Roop is the originator and designer of the Freight Shuttle system and the CEO of Freight Shuttle Xpress (FSX). Beginning in 2005, his work on the FSX focused on developing an approach to goods movement that would enhance this critical industry and overcome the growing challenges associated with rising costs, driver shortages, roadway congestion, infrastructure deterioration, safety, and air quality. With more than 25 years in freight transportation systems and operations research, Dr. Roop’s expertise in rail and trucking led to the innovative solution of introducing an entirely new mode of automated, intermodal freight systems.

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Michael Yager, P.E.


Michael is the Chief Development Officer for Freight Shuttle (FSX). He shapes FSX’s commercial strategy and is responsible for the business development process designed to identify and develop commercial opportunities for the Freight Shuttle System. He orchestrates Freight Shuttle’s outreach initiative to educate and inform key constituencies and coordinates the development of positive and productive relationships with investors, customers, industry stakeholders, the media, community leaders and the public.

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Jessica Franklin


Ms. Franklin is Manager of Administrative Services and is responsible for the Freight Shuttle Xpress system finance and procurement process. She handles all aspects of administration and office management for the Freight Shuttle team. She also executes financial and procurement plans including accounts receivable and payable and coordinates with vendors and strategic partners to order materials, parts, and products used in the development, manufacture, and testing of the Freight Shuttle Xpress system and the continued development of the Freight Shuttle Test and Evaluation Center.

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Sharif Zaman, P.E.


Sharif is Director of Engineering and has a 30-year career in mechanical and structural engineering and design.  His experience is in designing and building heavy transport equipment for the offshore oil and construction industry.  Equipment he has designed includes very large underwater well stack (BOP & Tree) handling equipment, deep water riser and drill pipe handlers and transporters, mega-crane hoists, winches and travel trucks, forklift testing equipment and elevator analysis.  He has also specialized in drill vessels mooring and anchor handling systems for rope and chain sizes 3.00 to 7.00 inches in diameter with line pulls over two million pounds. Sharif designed, engineered and oversaw the fabrication and assembly of the prototype vehicle at the fabrication facility as well as the delivery and installation at the test site. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1989 and is a Texas Board Certified Professional Engineer.

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