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Development Team

Texas A&M Transportation Institute


The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) was responsible for the initial design of the overall Freight Shuttle Concept. TTI develops solutions to the problems and challenges facing all modes of transportation. The Institute conducts over 600 research projects annually, with over 200 sponsors at all levels of government and the private sector. In the laboratory and the classroom,TTI researchers help prepare students for transportation careers.

Recognized as one of the premier higher education-affiliated transportation research agencies in the nation, TTI’s research and development program has resulted in significant breakthroughs across all facets of the transportation system. TTI research is widely known as an excellent value with a proven impact of saving lives, time, and resources.

Freight Shuttle System Design and Terminal Design



Figg Bridge Group


Figg Bridge Group (FIGG) is a nationally recognized family of companies exclusively specializing in the design, management, and construction of bridges for over 38 years. FIGG is responsible for the overall design of the elevated guideway for the FSX.

The company pioneered elevated bridges for rail and motorists in medians and existing right of way using precast segmental box girders on single piers.

With over 29 miles of precast segmental rail bridges in the United States, FIGG has built more than all other firms combined. FIGG designs have received 360 Awards, including the highest award for rail – the prestigious Dr. W. W. Hay Award for Excellence from the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-way Association for the JFK Airport AirTrain project in New York. FIGG has also won three Presidential Awards through the National Endowment for the Arts for bridges.

FIGG is recognized as a leader in design, engineering, and inspection of pre-stressed, concrete, segmental bridges and comprises the largest and most experienced concrete segmental bridge team in the United States. The Figg team has studied, designed, or built bridges in 42 states and six nations with construction values of over $14 billion.

Guideway Design and Quality Management



Wells Engineering


Wells Engineering is providing the electrification for the FSX that includes the high-voltage electrical power substations and the 1500VDC electrical power distribution.

Wells Engineering was founded in Florence, Kentucky in 2004, and has since established itself as a nationally recognized engineering firm specializing in the planning, design, control, and analysis of electrical power systems. Wells Engineering works with a variety of industries including industrial power consumers, electrical power providers, and transportation electrification systems.

Wells Engineering has a professional team of employees, including a diversified mix of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical designers, and CAD personnel. Wells Engineering’s professional engineers are licensed in multiple states. Their staff of multi-disciplined talent allows a seamless, horizontal flow of project management to project execution. This provides the latitude necessary to enable superior project scheduling, coordination of disciplines, and the implementation of a project “Wells Done.”

Electrification and Substation Design


Wells 2.jpg

Force Engineering


Force Engineering was founded in 1979 to develop and manufacture custom Linear Induction Motors (LIM) and other electro-magnetic and permanent magnet solutions. Force has created hundreds of LIM designs that have been turned into practical industrial applications, and more than 40,000 LIMs, induction heaters, permanent magnet brakes and other electro-magnetic products have been built with appropriate control equipment and software.


Birket Engineering


Birket Engineering has provided electrical hardware and software solutions to the world’s finest attractions and related industries since 1984. In the Orlando area since 1991, Birket engineers and managers also staff offices in Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Birket is recognized as the leading developer of custom control systems for spectacular shows and high-performance rides. Birket often is contracted to write specifications and project guidelines, and test systems as an independent advisor to the owner. Our 30-years of design experience has also led to unique solutions for process control, building monitoring and control, rigging control, and information management systems.

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