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Deployment Advisory Team

Ice Miller Strategies (IMS)


IMS serves as Freight Shuttle’s legislative, government agency, and NGO liaison in Washington DC. They have been instrumental in elevating Freight Shuttle’s profile in our nation’s capital since 2014, enabling Freight Shuttle to pursue the definition of a new mode of freight transportation in 2015’s transportation reauthorization act – the FAST Act – defining “Intelligent Freight Transportation Systems” as an addition to the national highway system and placing these systems under the regulatory authority of FHWA. IMS’s deep knowledge and understanding of both DHS and USDOT, in addition to their experience with lawmakers, committees of jurisdiction, and legislative process, has proven invaluable to advancing the Freight Shuttle vision of a new approach in transportation technology and financing.


Jeffrey O. Baldwin, Sr. – Customs and Border Protection Initiatives Advisor


Jeffery is a member of the Freight Shuttle Deployment Team and provides executive-level customs, operations, and security advice and consulting services to assist the Freight Shuttle team in integrating Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security operations and requirements into the Freight Shuttle Sea Port Express System and the Cross-Border Express System.

Gordon Dorsey


Mr. Dorsey is responsible for Freight Shuttle’s strategic planning and business development process, which is designed to identify and develop commercial opportunities for the Freight Shuttle Xpress system. He orchestrates Freight Shuttle’s outreach initiative to educate and inform key constituencies and coordinates the development of positive and productive relationships with investors, customers, industry stakeholders, the media, community leaders, and the public.


Gary Kuhn


Mr. Kuhn is the Freight Shuttle Test and Evaluation Center Manager. Gary is responsible for managing the Freight Shuttle Test and Evaluation Center Project including design, construction, and operation of the Test and Evaluation Center infrastructure and prototype vehicles at the site. Gary provides the Freight Shuttle Team with executive-level advice in project development, design engineering, contracts management and procurement.


James M. King – U.S. Port of Entry Issues and Initiatives Advisor


Jim is a member of the Freight Shuttle Deployment Team and provides executive-level program and facility management expertise in the development of complicated real estate and international transportation projects, including development of opportunities for the Freight Shuttle Cross-Border Express System.


Bob Cook – U.S.-Mexico Border Economic Development Advisor


Bob is a member of the Freight Shuttle Deployment Team and provides strategic advice for the development of a Freight Shuttle Cross-Border Express model on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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