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The Freight Shuttle system provides a tool for stakeholders in the freight transportation industry for transforming and improving their business models to achieve fewer emissions, lower costs, more-efficient operations, and higher profit margins.

The system is designed to connect efficiently with existing highway, rail, and ocean transportation products and to take advantage of the latest technology and operational strategies to mitigate congestion at FSX/intermodal interfaces. FSX zero-congestion (ZCOG) terminals will be designed to have small footprints with large throughput capacity. The design is modularized and expandable, which will allow FS to meet present and future demands at intermodal connection points without interrupting service to the marketplace.

FSX guideways are also modularized, which will allow the addition of spurs to new terminals along the FSX corridor to accommodate new customers along or near the FSX’s route.

Freight Movement Redefined


Complementary to Trucking and Rail

FSX is designed to complement today’s intermodal network. Properly integrated into rail and trucking modes, FSX can help those industries improve their end-to-end transportation solution by easing the flow of freight through congested areas, traffic choke points and across borders.


Trucking Industry

FSX will not replace all trucking, but rather will partner with the trucking industry to provide time-certain, reliable, and cost-effective movement on a leg of the end-to-end transportation solution through-high volume, congested areas. Trucking companies will still provide the “first mile” and “last mile” transportation legs for the end-to-end product and will be the transportation mode of choice for uncongested, low-volume corridors. Freight Shuttle views trucking companies as potential valued customers. Benefits to the trucking industry include these opportunities:

The Freight Shuttle can bypass costly shipping delays at border ports of entry.

  • Integrating FSX into a new, more efficient business model.

  • Lowering cost of end-to-end transportation products.

  • Better managing risk and improving safety records by using FSX to transport freight in congested areas.

  • Achieving fewer delays/less waste.

  • Transitioning to fewer and less expensive (lighter) assets in FSX served corridors.

Rail Industry

FSX provides the rail industry with a tool to connect various nodes in their transportation network that, today, require high-volume trucking through congested areas and operational choke points. Benefits to the rail industry include these opportunities:


  • Efficiently connecting off-dock rail yards to container terminals.

  • Efficiently connecting rail yards to other transportation nodes in congested regions.

  • Integrating FSS systems into their end-to-end transportation solutions.

The Freight Shuttle can complement rail transportation by making shorter shipping trips more efficiently.

Container Shipping Industry

Congestion issues in major ports on both coasts currently challenge the container shipping industry. The ongoing transition to larger vessels and the pending opening of the expanded Panama Canal will lead to higher volumes and larger surges in volumes in some ports. FSX offers an economical, environmentally sound option for increasing the carrying capacity of congested corridors around ports. Benefits to the Container Shipping Community include these opportunities:

  • Connecting container terminals efficiently to off-dock rail yards.

  • Connecting efficiently to near-dock clusters of distribution centers.

  • Establishing and developing inland ports using highway right-of-way.

  • Enhancing security and streamlining customs clearance and export process.


Getting containers from ports to distribution centers is a principal cost of doing business for shippers.

Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarders can use FSX in congested corridors to design better and more efficient products for their customers. The FSX allows freight forwarders to provide cost-effective, reliable, on-time services to customers with unparalleled cargo visibility.

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