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Test and Evaluation Center

Designed to Demonstrate the Integrated Freight Shuttle System


Freight Shuttle Xpress has established a 34-acre test and evaluation (T&E) center in Bryan, Texas. The T&E Center is specifically designed to test and demonstrate the Freight Shuttle Xpress system in an operating environment. The center integrates all the elements of the FSX, including the transporter prototype, guideway, electrification system, and the command-and-control system to support demonstration, testing, and enhancement of the FSX and the interfaces among the Freight Shuttle subsystems


A Full-Scale Operating Prototype System


The T&E Center is designed to integrate and support the various systems that comprise the FSX – electrical, mechanical, and command and control. Testing and demonstrations are performed to both refine the products being developed and to show them to stakeholders. Phase 1 includes the drive-on/drive-off loading ramp for over-the-road truck trailers and is being expanded in Phase 2 to allow 24-hour service testing on a half-mile loop

Continuous Improvement


The third phase of development at the T&E center will add a 1-mile elevated loop to support more comprehensive tests.


Integrated with Design, Development

and Fabrication


Activities at the Freight Shuttle T&E Center are integrated and coordinated with the activities of the FSX Development Team and with the design and fabrication process to allow end-to-end control and coordination of the Freight Shuttle development process. The T&E Center will support development of future prototype Freight Shuttle vehicles and subsystems, as well as the design, development, and testing of actual systems to be deployed to provide lower cost and superior service to customers.

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