Moving Freight Into The Future.

The Freight Shuttle was initially designed at the Texas Transportation Institute for the sole purpose of finding a low-emission alternative to moving freight and to relieve congestion created by trucks in heavy freight/travel corridors. The Freight Shuttle moves truck trailers and containers via transporters (think people-movers/monorails) in the medians of highways or other rights-of-way over distances of up to 500 miles on emission-free, electric-powered guideway systems. There is no new "gee whiz" technology involved.  The privately funded Freight Shuttle is based on a patented application of existing technologies. Freight Shuttle International has assembled an impressive team of designers, guideway/bridge builders, transporter engineers and construction contractors to create the first cost-effective, energy efficient, environmentally friendly freight transport system.

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Moves freight efficiently up to 500 miles.
Clean, green electric-powered operation.
Reduces pollution and highway congestion.
Saves trucking companies time and money.
Predictable point-to-point delivery.
Elevated guideway built with no disruption of auto traffic.
The Freight Shuttle is privately funded.